Become a Beekeeper in 2024!

Become a Beekeeper in 2024!

Are you a “new-bee” in western North Carolina? Let us help you out! We know exactly what you need to prepare for your first hives, from education to supplies to the bees themselves!

Honey & the Hive is ready and able to help any potential new beekeepers in the Western North Carolina area. We have experience, information, and the supplies needed to get you started. 



Honey & the Hive offers a Beginner Beekeeping Class regularly throughout the year. Taught by our store experts, this comprehensive course covers everything a new beekeeper needs to know before they start their beekeeping journey.


The Beginner Beekeeping class comes in two portions. The first part of the class is an in-store lecture about the lifecycle and anatomy of bees, the parts of the hive, pest management, feeding, and more. This includes some printed materials to take home for later reference. 


The second part of the class gives you a chance to get hands-on in the hive! Once the weather warms in early spring, we'll reach out to schedule an opportunity for you to have a guided experience working in one of our store hives.



Honey & the Hive offers the most extensive selection of beekeeping supplies in western North Carolina!  We have a fully stocked supply house of everything you need to establish your beginner bee yard, from hive kits to protective suits, hive tools, and beyond.


You must have your hives assembled, painted, placed, and ready for the bees' arrival in early spring. Winter is the prime time to gather your supplies. 


If you want to swing a hammer, you can build your hives and frames using our unassembled hive kits and parts. It'll save you a little bit of money if you do it yourself!


You can also order assembled hives and frames - we'll do the construction for you, but it will take some time and cost a bit more. Put your order in early so you won’t rush at the last minute before the bees arrive!


Purchasing Bees

Bees are the most important part of the equation! Beekeepers can preorder 3lb packages of bees and deep nucleus colonies of bees through Honey & the Hive starting in December. We source these bees from reputable producers for delivery in early spring each year. 


Packages of bees are 3lb boxes of worker bees and a queen packaged safely for travel. They do not include comb or frames, just the bees themselves. They must be quickly transferred to their new hive once you get them. If you preorder a package of bees, we'll be in touch to let you know a few days before they arrive. 


Deep nucleus colonies, or nucs, are small, partially developed colonies. The bees and queen have been working together already and arrive with built-up honey stores and brood. If you plan to preorder a deep nuc, be aware that they have a less-predictable arrival time since they can't be split off into nucleus colonies until the weather and bees agree that the time is right!


Ongoing support and continuing education

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to help answer any questions that you have as best as we can! If we can’t offer immediate help, we’re happy to provide you with resources in our community that can assist.


We offer beekeeping-related classes throughout the year with local experts on topics like overwintering, pest management, bear fencing, and even crafts and creations that you can make with honey and wax.


Visit our Beekeeper Resources page to find lists of local beekeeper associations and other useful information, links, and tools.


Reach out with your questions, concerns, or salutations! We'd love to hear from you. 


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (828) 484-9466





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