Feeders & Feeding Supplies

70 G Feeder Jar Perforated Lid
Perforated feeder lid for a Boardman Feeder. The perforations allow syrup to drip through. The lid can be used with a standard mason jar feeder.
Bee Tea Herbal Blend (.5oz)
Boost the strength of your hives by adding this biodynamic herbal blend to your spring and summer simple syrups.
10 Frame British In-Hive Top Feeder, clear lid
This 10-frame top feeder holds just over 2 gallons, ideal for feeding a high volume of sugar water or other feed inside the colony.
Hive Alive Pollen Patty, 10 lb. case
A 10lb case of HiveAlive pollen patties - a supplement for whenever there is limited pollen like early spring, during a dearth, or in the fall.
Hive Alive Fondant Patty (2 lb. 4 oz) , single
Hive Alive fondant patties are perfect for fall and winter feeding. Place them just above the bee cluster so they have easy access to this healthy food - non-GMO and full of amino acids.
Hive Alive Fondant Patty, case of 15 (540 oz)
A case of 15 HiveAlive fondant patties - perfect for feeding bees for a long time. Stays good for 2 years after manufacture date, stock up and save.
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