H+H Infused Honey, Jalapeno
If you love the combination of heat and sweetness, this is the honey for you! This limited edition infused honey is made with dried green jalapeños to impart a sharp spice to our local, raw wildflower honey.
H+H Infused Honey, Griller's Glaze
This complex infused honey is a culinary delight: raw, local wildflower honey infused with ginger, rosemary, basil, black pepper, red pepper, and jalapeño. Perfect in marinades or for brushing onto meat or veggies on the grill.
Heart's Relief Appalachian Tree Honey, classic queenline jar, 1 lb. (454g)
1 lb of wildflower honey from Green Mountain, North Carolina.
Local Sourwood Honey, classic queenline jar, 2 lbs. (907g)
2 lb. of sourwood from western North Carolina. The favorite honey of Southern Appalachia, sourwood honey is highly sought after around the world.

Sourwood has a smooth, buttery flavor with soft caramel notes and an aftertaste like anise or cinnamon.
Lavender Infused Honey
The lavender infused honey is soothing and aromatic, and the perfect botanical honey to add to any tea collection. All our herbal infused honeys are made in-house with local wildflower honey, which is untreated and produced by local beekeepers in the Ashe
H+H Infused Honey, Cardamom
The cardamom honey infusion is by far our most popular herbal honey. Aromatic and peppery, tangy and sweet, you can't go wrong with this delicious treat.
H+H Infused Honey, Clove
This warming clove infused honey is a perfect addition to any winter kitchen. Swirl it into your favorite tea or soup, and enjoy!
Vanilla Bean Infused Honey
Real vanilla beans are infused into our raw local wildflower honey, making a rich, decadent treat that's amazing straight out of the jar, much less drizzled on ice cream or into tea!
Petal Blend Infused Honey
Raw, local wildflower honey infused with rose petals, lavender, rose hips, and calendula petals. A rich floral flavor balanced by the tannins of the flowers and the sweetness of the honey.
Hibiscus Infused Honey
This hibiscus honey has a beautiful reddish-amber hue and a delicious citrus, floral flavor. Top your cakes with a drizzle of this tasty honey, or add it to fresh fruit bowls or creative cocktails. All our herbal infused honeys are made in-house with loca
Basil Infused Honey
Our basil honey infusion is the perfect addition to any kitchen. All our herbal infused honeys are made in-house with local wildflower honey.
Elderberry Infused Honey
Take advantage of the powerful health benefits of honey and elderberry! This herbal infusion has a dark amber color, and a delicious berry-forward taste.
Chai Infused Honey
The warming taste of chai in honey! All our herbal infused honeys are made in-house with local wildflower honey from local beekeepers in the Asheville area.
H+H Infused Honey, Cold Care
Raw honey from western North Carolina infused with ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, red pepper, and orange zest. A delicious, spicy treat that will help open up the sinuses and soothe a raw, scratchy throat.
Gallon Jug of Local Honey
Rich, complex wildflower honey from Franklin, NC.
Bulk Franklin Wildflower Honey, quart jar, 3 lbs. (1361g)
Our local, wildflower honey from Franklin, NC. Raw and beautifully complex, the quart jar is perfect for use in the kitchen or for making a one-gallon batch of mead!
Bulk Franklin Wildflower Honey, 1/2 gallon, 6 lbs. (2722g)
Delicious wildflower honey from Franklin, NC.
Honey Stick
Rich, floral honey in an easy to use straw, for dipping in teas or sipping on the go. Choose between clover, blackberry, orange blossom and wildflower!
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