Misc. Tools

9 Frame Stainless Steel Frame Spacer Tool
Should you prefer to manually space 9 frames in your 10 frame equipment, this is the tool for you. This heavy duty stainless steel spacing tool slides across your frames easily to give that extra spacing that uncapping requires. Many say that two of these
9 Frame Metal Spacers, each
Frame spacers accurately space 9 frames in 10 frame supers. This makes uncapping honey a breeze as the cappings protrude beyond the edges of the frames and your knife will cut off solid sheets of cappings and not leave low areas.
Nylon Bee Brush
To remove honey with a Bee Brush take an empty super with 2 covers to the hive with you. Open the hive and take capped honey out, one frame at a time, brushing all bees off each frame. Place each clean frame of honey into empty super and cover to protect
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