Classes & Workshops

To reserve your spot, call or order online & give payment! Our number is 828-484-9466. All offerings are held at Honey and the Hive, 23 Merrimon Ave, Weaverville, NC.


B E G I N N E R   B E E K E E P I N G   S E R I E S

February 4th & 11th, 5:00-8:30pm

March 17 & 19th, 5:00-8:30 pm

$80 per person // $150 for two

This class will offer a whirlwind of information from hive placement to season-long management. In addition to the lecture portion, the fee for this class includes a 2 hour Hands-on in the Hive session (dates below) when the weather begins to warm in the spring. We will also offer multiple dates throughout May and/or June. The new beekeeper will find this invaluable in gaining comfort and confidence around a hive.

    $45 per person
Want to become more self-sustaining in your apiary? Tired of buying bees year after year? Learn the alchemy of making new colonies from your strong ones to increase your numbers and/or cover your losses before they happen. We will also discuss utilizing natural swarm cells, re-queening, and wintering nucleus colonies. Sarah McKinney will be teaching this lecture and demonstration class for intermediate and advanced beekeepers (or the occasional well read beginner!). 
This is included with the Beginner Beekeeping Class, but can also be taken separately for $35.
Take this two-hour hands-on course to gain familiarity with hive inspections! This course proves invaluable for new beekeepers, or seasoned beekeepers who want to learn tips & tricks for successful inspections. Learn how to recognize pollen, nectar, and brood; how to minimize risk in hive inspections; and pests and diseases to keep an eye on.
Please keep in mind that these workshops cannot happen unless weather permits - we will be in touch in case of postponing!
March 25 10-12pm
March 25 1-3 pm
April 18 10-12pm
April 18 1-3pm
S U G A R   R O L L  D E M O
FREE offering with Lewis Cauble, our State Bee Inspector
11am-12pm on:
May 23rd
June 27th
July 25th
Monitoring your hives for varroa and other pests is essential to support your hives through the year. Stay on top of your mite count with this simple test to check your infestation levels. NC state bee inspector Lewis Cauble will come demonstrate the dos and don'ts of sugar rolls! Want to know more? Read on about the method and options for treatment at the Honeybee Health Coalition.
This offering is held at Honey and the Hive, 23 Merrimon Ave, Weaverville, NC.
Cost: Free!
Learn to make your own candles with natural beeswax and take home your very own candle! This course will be taught by Emily Carswell of Beelite Candles in Morganton, NC.
Cost: $30

Join Amber Shehan from Pixie's Pocket as she guides you through the steps it takes to start a small batch of mead, how to know when it is ready to bottle, and the bottling process. This demonstration is great for anyone interested in learning to brew mead

Cost: $25


Advanced payment is required to reserve your spot as classes always fill up fast. Make sure to check your calendar as class fees are non-refundable if you fail to attend.
 Email: [email protected], call: 828-484-9466, or drop by the store to reserve your spot.