Hive Alive

HiveAlive is a company out of Ireland that has designed a supplement for feeding bees that uses seaweeds. Their pollen patties and supplements seem to offer quite a boost for hives over winter or any time of feeding.

From their website:  "Trials carried out on HiveAlive reveal the benefits of feeding seaweeds for honeybee health. A massive 89% increase in colony population was observed when colonies were fed HiveAlive activated syrup in autumn and spring. This was accompanied by a decrease in Nosema spore counts and a reduction in over winter mortality." 

Not only that, but their company is focused on improving their sustainability through recycling and eco-friendly measures with the goal of carbon neutrality. We're happy to offer their products to Western North Carolina!

Hive Alive Fondant Patty, case of 15 (540 oz)
A case of 15 HiveAlive fondant patties - perfect for feeding bees for a long time. Stays good for 2 years after manufacture date, stock up and save.
Hive Alive Pollen Patty, 10 lb. case
A 10lb case of HiveAlive pollen patties - a supplement for whenever there is limited pollen like early spring, during a dearth, or in the fall.
Hive Alive Fondant Patty (2 lb. 4 oz) , single
Hive Alive fondant patties are perfect for fall and winter feeding. Place them just above the bee cluster so they have easy access to this healthy food - non-GMO and full of amino acids.
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